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Overseas Operations - PT Karimun Sembawang Shipyard, Indonesia

Slop / Sludge Treatment

To build on Sembawang Shipyard’s core competency in shiprepair and conversion and to extend the reach of our services, we have established overseas shiprepair facilities in Indonesia. Hence, we are able to exercise greater flexibility in offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to our customers by optimising the resources, technical capabilities and complementary services.

PT Karimun Sembawang Shipyard is a joint-venture shipyard in Indonesia. This greenfield development started its operation in May 1996 and has since successfully repaired more than 200 vessels. Our customer base started from Singapore in 1997 and have expanded to Greece, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Norway and the United States of America.
Located just 40km southwest of Singapore Karimun Sembawang Shipyard (KSS) is strategically located on the northwest coast of Karimun Island that lies at the edge of the Straits of Malacca, which is along the International Shipping Route .With just one hour and fifteen minutes from Singapore, the closeness of the island gives KSS the added advantage of tapping onto Singapore's superior infrastructure and supporting services and combines with the competitive labor cost of Indonesia.The key services offered by KSS to shipowners are the highly competitive tank cleaning and de-sludging facilities, afloat ship repair, steelwork and block fabrication and construction.

  Hatch covers fabrication  

  Block fabrication for a containership rebuilding  



Minimum Draught (m)
Cranes (tons)
SRP No 1
400 m
10 m
1 x 15, 5T @ 60m 1 x 35T, 5T @ 90m

  Hull fabrication workshop  

  Activities carried out in a workshop  

Mobile Crane
Crawler Crane Manitowoc 1 x 200T max. capacity
Crawler Crane Manitowoc 1 x 250T max. capacity
Crawler Crane Linkbelt 1 x 100T max. capacity
Pneumatic Crane   1 x 25T max. capacity

General Services

Electrical Supply
Total Capacity – 3MW
Supplies 230/380/415V (50 cycles – 3 phase)
440V (60 cycles – 3 phase)
110V D.C.

Compressed Air
690kN/m2 (100 psi)

Fresh Water
Piped system

Salt Water
900 tons per hour at 690kN/m2 (100 psi)

Oxygen and Acetylene
Piped system

International telephone connections to docks and berths
Radio telephone and fax services

2,500 to 3,000 horse power
Readily available on request

A shipyard-based fire brigade, ambulance service and Medical centre


Slop / Sludge Treatment

With the expertise of Singaport Cleanseas, KSS has invested in modern equipment for our slop and sludge treatment plant. KSS has obtained the full endorsement from Menteri Negara Lingkungan Hidup (Indonesia's Ministry of Environment) for the complete oily waste treatment process. The treatment makes use of high mechanical force of up to 2,000G to separate the oily liquid from the solid. Recovery of oil from this process is close to 100%. The solid material is suitable for disposal at land. The company stresses on total oil recovery from the liquid-liquid separation followed by oil processing.

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Mr Tang Kwok Cheong, General Manager-